#KnowTheTruth | Gordana Biernat

74.3 RON

Having gained major recognition as the only European to be named a SuperSoul 100 Teacher by Oprah Winfrey, Gordana Biernat now shares her wisdom in her book #KnowTheTruth. This book is a reminder of the reader's true potential and is based on Gordana's straightforward and empowering tweets about who we are.

Art & Soul, Reloaded | Pam Grout

74.3 RON

This book is a yearlong 'apprenticeship' to recognize and unleash your innate creativity. Each week, Pam Grout inspires you to take on a creative project, offers an inspirational message and suggests three zany activities to awaken your infinite creativity. You don't need any prior experience - you just need to begin!

Bloom | Bronnie Ware

74.3 RON

In this memoir, Bronnie Ware reminds us that whether life's lessons arrive through disease, trauma or any other unexpected upheaval, life really does love us. By finding the courage to confront her upper limits, surrender to life's blessings and have gratitude every step of the way, Ware discovered how to bloom in a field of formidable challenges.

Breathe | Belisa Vranich

100 RON

There is an aspect of health that we have all been taking for granted, but which is of vital importance to our well-being: the breath. By combining anatomy and fitness with psychology and mindfulness, the author gives readers a way of healing from the inside out: by addressing ailments at the cellular level, with oxygen.

Bridging Two Realms | John Holland

74.3 RON

There could be many reasons why you're drawn to this book - or perhaps synchronicity had a part to play in that this book somehow found you! Are you looking for answers as to what happens to your loved ones after they'vepassed? Perhaps you're wondering what you should do after having had your own psychic experience. Whether you're a student of psychic studies or a practicing medium, a believer or a skeptic, or someone who is bereaved as a result of a loss, this book was written to provide you with all the answers to your questions about the Other-Side.In Bridging Two Realms, renowned psychic medium John Holland offers one of the clearest pictures anyone could have of the Spirit World. Ultimately, you will learn that mediumship is not just about connecting to the Spirit World; it's just as much about helping and healing the living. There are spiritual bridges that can be built to connect to your loved ones who have passed, as well as the most important bridge of all: the bridge to your own spirit.